The new normal

-The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. As the rate of infections begins to slow down in some hard-hit areas, early signs of recovery are appearing. Some towns, cities and states are starting to slowly reopen businesses, public areas and more
-Until a safe, effective coronavirus vaccine is available, there will continue to be a risk of infection, even as people get back to work, school and a more normal life.
-The protective practices you learned and followed in March and April of 2020 can continue to protect you and your family while slowing the spread of the coronavirus:
-As shelter in-place orders are lifted across the country and people have returned to routines and activities, many wonder what the “new normal” will look like: now and post coronavirus
-At the forefront of those conversations is discussion around public health and safety best practices. At YourTown Health, we are dedicated to being in the middle of those conversations and ensuring our patients and staff remain safe and healthy
-Although there is not one definition of a “new normal”, we’ve provided a list of a few changes we can expect when asking what’s the new normal.

Author: Princess Angel N. Gruta.

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