How social media has helped families,social workers and the government in discerning information during Calamities and during this pandemic

Through social networks, each family can easily contact relatives from other places, especially those abroad. While among social workers, it can be a tool to inform them in the event of a disaster. Our Government may be particularly disseminating information through the use of social media. It’s clear that social media is a big help.
Due to natural disasters, communication is increased as people try to contact family and friends in the disaster area, and seek information about food, shelter, and transportation. Social media plays an important role in spreading information about these disasters by allowing people to share information and ask for help. Social media is also becoming essential to post-crisis recovery efforts, when infrastructure needs to be rebuilt and stress management is essential. Social media allows those recovering from disasters to quickly connect with needed resources. There are multiple groups on the most popular social networking sites, allowing those involved in different aspects of emergency awareness and preparedness to connect, discuss, and share knowledge in specific areas. body. The objective of this article is to analyze the possibilities of using social networks in disaster management and to propose basic guidelines for organizing communication and data exchange among people involved in disaster events. Social media has redefined communication in today’s modern world. Text messaging, the Internet, and social networking sites have made it possible to communicate with many people,It is an effective and easy way to stay in touch and disseminate information, especially in times of crisis. The Internet has become an essential communication network in this period. With thousands of people displaced from their homes and many of them displaced from disaster areas, people have used social media sites to contact friends, post photos and share stories. Social media has become a valuable means of communication in many disaster-affected places, allowing people to stay in touch with family and friends and access important information. Social media cannot and should not replace current approaches to disaster management communication or replace existing infrastructure, but if managed strategically, it can be used to reinforce existing systems. Now is the time to start implementing these innovative technologies and develop meaningful measures of their effectiveness and the accuracy and usefulness of the information they provide. Social media can greatly improve communication systems, significantly increasing the ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from events that threaten people and infrastructure.

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