Importance of saving mother earth

Our land is the only planet with a continuity of life, so it becomes more and more important to generate a sense of urgency to save the mother of a mother with all kinds of classes of damage in the planet. Our Mother Earth must be saved because our survival totally depends on this planet. It is our duty to increase awareness of saving our mother from the Earth. Earth provides each resource to support live beings and inanimate things. The damage activities caused to our planet lead to irreversible damage to the environment that degraded the conditions of this planet. Take care of this planet, we can improve our well-being, because a healthy environment will help to improve the quality of our lives. This is our collective responsibility for collecting public responsibility regarding the well-being of our Mother of the Earth. We have completed several reasons to understand the meaning of saving our Mother of the Earth: this is the only place to live that we are all aware that this is the only planet in which it is possible. This is the only house that we all have and therefore it is very important to take important steps to save this planet. The time has come to separate from our ways from the planet, which damages operations as to the entire generation of health life, it is important to save our planet. Biodiversity One of the fundamental things that play an important role in the experience of all types of living beings is biodiversity. Due to the biodiversity of our planet, we are all able to collaborate together. All the diversity of plants and animals can exist together due to life diversity. Negative human forces can interrupt biodiversity, which can lead to biodiversity loss. We must therefore undertake in-depth measures to prevent biodiversity damage. It gives us food and the water save our land, and its environment becomes very important that food and water allow us to support life. Our well-being depends only on this planet that provides live food and water to all living beings, it is our responsibility to take care. The only way to honor our mother’s land increases the awareness of our environment and our mother. Creating a balance in our lives and accepting habits consistent with ecological, we can do this planet a better place to live. Final thoughts people around the world should understand the need for a more green planet and cleaning. We must all respect our tasks and our considerable efforts to protect our Mother from the planet, which hurts the business

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